Our History



Oshkosh Country Club dates back to 1899. Its first name was the Algoma Country Club and its location was the site of the present day Lakeshore Golf Course. In 1917 OCC moved to its current location south of Oshkosh on Ripple Avenue and Highway 45 when it also changed its name to Oshkosh Country Club. Our first club president was Phil Sawyer, a prominent businessman whose name figures into the colorful history of Oshkosh. The course design drew many of golfs top players during the 1920s and 1930s. Among these players were Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, Walter Hagen and Gene Sarazen.


As golf became popular in the early 1900s, the Wisconsin State Golf Association was formed. The purpose was to establish a championship for the amateur golfers in Wisconsin. Oshkosh Country Club was among the nine founding members of the association. Following the formation of this association was the creation of the Northwestern Wisconsin Golf Association (NEWGA) to foster interclub play. Again, OCC was a founding member of this association which exists today.


During the creation of these associations Phil Sawyer acted as president of OCC. Sawyer eventually left Oshkosh for the warmer climate of Augusta, Georgia. However, before he left Oshkosh he brought a touch of golf heritage from Scotland to Oshkosh. Sawyer's successor at OCC was Inwin Stewart MacNichol, an immigrant who learned golf from the professionals at Carnoustie, Scotland.


The design of OCC continued to evolve and improve throughout the successive decades. The original clubhouse was destroyed by fire in the mid 1970s and a replacement clubhouse opened in 1976. A new swimming pool was built in 2005.  


Today the rich tradition of OCC adds to the Oshkosh community. Current member Dennis Elmer believes that "OCC is truly a part of the fabric that makes up the Oshkosh community and links Oshkosh to the early history of golf in Wisconsin and the Midwest."


OCC provides a top notch golf course and dining experience, a swimming pool and tennis courts for its members. It is a mecca for families who value these opportunities and for businesses that recognize the advantages that membership affords.


Peter Radford, a former OCC member who now lives in Colorado, recalls that "as a child growing up in Oshkosh my family used OCC extensively for swimming, dining and lots of junior golf. The lessons from junior golf gave us a passion for the game and the social aspects of learning respect, courtesy and how to follow the rules. I know that the club will remain a place for families to enjoy for the future."


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