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Codes of Conduct

At the Oshkosh Country Club, we strive to offer a comfortable atmosphere for all members and guests. If you have any questions about these policies, please contact our staff.

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The intent of this code is to preserve the Club ambiance as a respectable, family-oriented destination for our members and guests. Members will be responsible for their children and guests’ attire. Proper golf attire is required at all times for members and guests.



Shirts must be worn at all times. All shirts must have collars - a traditional fold-down, a raised crew neck or a mock turtleneck and sleeves. Overalls are not permitted. Cut-offs and ripped or torn parts on clothing are not permitted.



Appropriate blouses/tops are required. Midsections must be covered. No tank or halter tops allowed. Excessively short shorts, dresses or skirts are not permitted. Cut-offs and ripped or torn parts on clothing are not permitted. Tasteful warm-up suits will be allowed.



For all ages and both genders, excessively tight, short or baggy clothing is not considered appropriate attire. Please err on the conservative side when contemplating attire at the Oshkosh Country Club.


All metal spiked shoes are banned for use. Only appropriate, smooth-soled shoes or non-metal spikes are allowed.


Members not in compliance with the Club’s dress code will receive a verbal reminder from the staff. In order to safeguard the comfort of the other members and guests, dress code

noncompliance will result in a refusal of admittance or service.


Questions or concerns regarding the golf dress code may be directed to the Clubhouse Manager or Head Golf Professional.

Country Club Course

Superintendent, Nick Bannach, is here to answer any questions you may have regarding our golf course and grounds.


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